Compressor 4 - About the Filters Pane

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About the Filters Pane

The Filters pane contains three tabs: one for video filters, one for audio filters, and one
for color space adjustment of output media files. The Filters pane contains all the filters
available in Compressor.

Filter controls

Choose video, audio,
or color filters

Filters list

Use the following features in the Filters pane of the Inspector to select and adjust filters
that you want to assign to your settings.


Chapter 22

Adding Filters to a Setting

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Note: Once you make any adjustment to a filter, its checkbox is automatically selected.
If you decide that you no longer want to use that filter, be sure to deselect that particular
filter’s checkbox before transcoding.

Filters list: Select the checkbox next to the filters you want to add to your presets. Filter

settings you select appear in the Summary table in the Summary pane. You can reorder
filters by dragging them up or down in the Filters list. Because these filters are processed
one by one during transcoding—starting with the first entry in the list—it is important
that your filters are organized correctly. For example, it is sensible to place your text
overlay filter last, so that the text color you selected doesn’t get modified by some
other filter.

Filter controls: The controls available depend on the filter selected in the Filters list. The

slider allows you to make large numerical changes to your setting, while the arrow
control lets you make single incremental number changes. The setting number appears
in the field located between the slider and arrow control.