Compressor 4 - General Information About Clusters

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General Information About Clusters

Once your network is set up and you have installed the necessary components, you are
ready to create distributed processing clusters.


Chapter 29

Apple Qmaster and Distributed Processing

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There are three approaches you can take to creating a cluster:

Use This Computer Plus: Using This Computer Plus to create a cluster is the easiest

approach you can take to create a distributed processing system. You simply install
Compressor, configured as a service node, on any computers you want to perform
processing duties. For more information, see

Getting Started Quickly Using This

Computer Plus


Create a QuickCluster: Creating a QuickCluster allows you to quickly configure a

distributed processing system with a separate computer as the cluster controller (This
Computer Plus clusters use the same computer you submit the batch from as the cluster
controller). This is particularly useful when you have multiple clients submitting to the
cluster. For more information, see

Getting Started Quickly Using QuickClusters


Manually create a cluster: Large installations can manually create clusters for use by

their clients. For more information, see

Creating Clusters with Apple Qadministrator


If you have questions about any concepts and terms used here, see

Distributed Processing



Note: If you are an Apple Qmaster user and you want to create a cluster that includes
computers that do not have Apple Qmaster installed, see the Apple Qmaster User Manual
for instructions.