Compressor 4 - Unmanaged Services

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Unmanaged Services

Unmanaged services automatically assign themselves to the first available This Computer
Plus cluster or QuickCluster with enabled unmanaged service support. QuickClusters
listen for unmanaged service advertisements and may mark or remember any of them
for later use. An unmanaged service remains dedicated to its This Computer Plus cluster
or QuickCluster only long enough to finish the current job. Once the current job is
complete, an unmanaged service is once again a “free agent” and advertises its availability
to all This Computer Plus clusters and QuickClusters.

Note: Managed clusters (those created with Apple Qadministrator) can also use
unmanaged services. When unmanaged service support is enabled on a managed cluster,
the cluster automatically adds any available unmanaged services in addition to its managed
services (that were explicitly added using Apple Qadministrator).