Compressor 4 - Failure Notification

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Failure Notification

There are two different ways that the Apple Qmaster distributed processing system can
provide information about a problem.

Email Notification
When a processing service stops unexpectedly, Apple Qmaster sends a notification email
to the address that was entered in the Apple Qadministrator Cluster Preferences dialog
for that cluster. If no address was entered there, the email is sent to the address in the
Internet settings of the computer on which the cluster controller is enabled.

Note: Apple Qmaster does not currently support SMTP servers that require authentication.

Log Files for Individual Jobs or Batches
If a particular job or batch fails, a log file is generated that describes this failure. You can
find the name and location of this log file through Share Monitor by selecting the batch
or job, clicking the Show Info icon, then clicking the Show Log button.