Compressor 4 - Scheduling Service Availability in the Work Schedule Dialog

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Scheduling Service Availability in the Work Schedule Dialog

Follow the steps below to schedule the availability of unmanaged services.


Chapter 29

Apple Qmaster and Distributed Processing

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To schedule service availability


In the Advanced Service Settings area of the Advanced pane within the Apple Qmaster
preferences pane, click Set.

The work schedule dialog appears.


To constrain the availability of the services, choose one of the options from the pop-up
menu next to a particular day of the week. See

Scheduling Service Availability

for details.


Enter any constraining time periods in the appropriate start time and end time fields.

Note: You must enter valid days and times. The time cannot overlap into the next day in
one entry. There must be two entries when the range ends after 12 a.m. For more
information, see

Setting Availability from Sunday Night to Monday Morning



Click OK to save the settings and close the dialog.


Click OK to apply the changes to this computer.


If you are making changes to existing settings and this computer is already

providing processing services, clicking OK immediately resets this computer’s services. If
this computer is also the cluster controller, any current jobs are terminated.