Compressor 4 - Stage 2: Configuring a QuickCluster

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Configuring a QuickCluster

Use the Apple Qmaster Sharing window to configure the cluster controller and service
node computers.

To configure the cluster controller and service node computers


In Compressor, choose Apple Qmaster > Share This Computer.

The Apple Qmaster Sharing pane appears.


Select the “Share this computer” checkbox.

All other settings in this window should be correct by default:

• The “as QuickCluster with services” option should be selected.

• Rendering should not be selected.

• Compressor should be selected.

• “Require these services to only be used in managed clusters” should not be selected.

• A default name for this QuickCluster appears in the “Identify this QuickCluster as” text


• “Include unmanaged services from other computers” should be selected.

• “Require password” should not be selected.

For more information about these settings, see

About Basic Settings in the Apple Qmaster

Sharing Window



Click OK.


Chapter 29

Apple Qmaster and Distributed Processing

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This creates a QuickCluster with this computer as its controller and one instance of
processing services. For information about multiple service instances, see

Using Virtual

Clusters to Make the Most of Multicore Computers


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