Compressor 4 - Stage 3: Adding Service Nodes to a Cluster

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Adding Service Nodes to a Cluster

Do the following on each computer that you would like to make an unmanaged service
node on your cluster.

To add a service node to a cluster


In Compressor, choose Apple Qmaster > Share This Computer.

The Apple Qmaster Sharing pane appears.


Select “Share this computer” and “as Services only.”

All other settings in this window should be correct by default:

• Rendering and Compressor should both be selected.

• “Require these services to only be used in managed clusters” should not be selected.

• All other settings are disabled.

For more information about these settings, see

About Basic Settings in the Apple Qmaster

Sharing Window



Click OK.

This creates a service node that will automatically process jobs submitted to the
QuickCluster you set up in

Stage 2: Configuring a QuickCluster


Stage 4: