Compressor 4 - Stage 1: Creating Service Nodes

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Stage 1: Creating Service Nodes

Stage 2: Submitting Compressor Batches for Processing

Stage 1:

Creating Service Nodes

Once you have installed Compressor on a computer you want to use as a service node,
you need to configure its Apple Qmaster Sharing window.

To configure a computer as a service node


In Compressor, choose Apple Qmaster > Share This Computer.

The Apple Qmaster Sharing pane appears.


Select “Share this computer” and “as Services only.”


Select Compressor in the Services area. Make sure “Require these services to only be used
in managed clusters” is not selected.


Click OK.

This computer is now available for Compressor to use as an unmanaged service node.
Additionally, Final Cut Pro and Motion can use it when you select This Computer Plus in
any of their Share menu options.


Chapter 29

Apple Qmaster and Distributed Processing

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Stage 2: