Compressor 4 - About the AIFF Encoder Pane

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About the AIFF Encoder Pane

The following options appear when you choose the AIFF output format from the File
Format pop-up menu in the Encoder pane of the Inspector window.

File Extension field

QuickTime AIFF
Summary table

Click to open the Sound
Settings dialog.

Choose AIFF.

File Extension: This field displays the AIFF file extension (.aiff ) automatically after the

AIFF output format is chosen from the File Format pop-up menu or the (+) pop-up
menu in the Settings tab. Don’t alter this field.

Allow Job Segmenting: This checkbox allows you to turn off job segmenting. Since job

segmenting is not used for audio-only encodes, this checkbox is not active with the
AIFF file format. For more information, see

Job Segmenting and Two-Pass or Multi-Pass



Settings: This button opens the QuickTime Sound Settings dialog. Use this dialog to

select suitable audio codecs and change other audio compression settings. See


the Sound Settings Dialog

for more information.

QuickTime AIFF Summary: This table displays full details for this setting.