Compressor 4 - Using the Inspector with Destinations

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Using the Inspector with Destinations

When you double-click or select a destination in the Destinations tab, the Inspector
window opens. It contains the following items:

Name: Use this field to modify the name of the destination preset.

Output Filename Template: Use this pop-up menu to add file identifiers to your output

media file. You can manually edit this field. Selecting any of the following file identifiers
adds it to your output media filename.

Date: Date the file was transcoded in the YYYY-MM-DD format

Setting Name: Name of the setting used for the transcoding job

Source Media Name: Source media filename without its extension

Source Media Extension: Extension of the source media file

Sample From Defined Template: Displays a sample of what the output filename will

look like with any file identifiers you have added. You cannot edit the Sample line,
but it changes dynamically based on the file identifiers you add or delete.

Path: Displays the path to the destination folder.