Compressor 4 - Creating Common Audio Format Files

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Creating Common Audio Format Files

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About the Common Audio Formats Pane

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Configuring Common Audio Formats Settings

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Creating Common Audio Format Files

The Common Audio Format setting makes it easy to create audio files in the following

AIFF: The AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) file format was developed by Apple for

storing high-quality audio. The format was intended for DVD or CD authoring and is
now one of the most commonly used audio file formats for the Mac OS.

Note: Use this to create standard AIFF format files. Choose the AIFF option from the
File Format pop-up menu if you need to create specialized AIFF format files.

Apple CAF File: The Apple CAF (Core Audio Format), developed by Apple, provides high

performance and flexibility and is scalable to future ultra-high resolution audio recording,
editing, and playback. It has an unrestricted file size and supports a wide variety of

WAVE: The WAVE (WAVEform audio file format) is primarily used on Windows computers.


Creating Common Audio Format