Compressor 4 - Basic Settings

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Basic Settings

Use the following basic settings to set up a Dolby Digital Professional (AC-3) job or batch.

File Extension: This field displays the Dolby Digital Professional file extension (.ac3)

automatically after the Dolby Digital Professional output format is chosen from the File
Format pop-up menu or the (+) pop-up menu in the Settings tab.

Allow Job Segmenting: This checkbox allows you to turn off job segmenting. Since job

segmenting is not used for audio-only encodes, this checkbox is not active with the
Dolby Digital Professional file format. For more information, see

Job Segmenting and

Two-Pass or Multi-Pass Encoding


Audio, Bitstream, and Preprocessing: These buttons open the Audio, Bitstream, and

Preprocessing tabs described next.


Chapter 12

Creating Dolby Digital Professional Output Files