Compressor 4 - Bitstream Tab Settings

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Bitstream Tab Settings

These settings are stored in the finished stream for use by the playback device. Leave
them at their default values unless you have a specific technical reason for changing

Center Downmix, Surround Downmix: If your encoded audio has these channels, but

the player does not, the channels are mixed into the stereo output at the specified

Dolby Surround Mode: When encoding in 2/0 (stereo) mode, specifies whether the

signal uses Dolby Surround (Pro Logic).

Copyright Exists: Select this checkbox to specify that a copyright exists for this audio.

Content is Original: Select this checkbox to specify that this audio is from the original

source and not a copy.

Audio Production Information: Select this checkbox and fill in the fields below to specify

how the encoded audio content was mixed. Playback devices may use this information
to adjust output settings.

Peak Mixing Level: Specifies peak sound pressure level (SPL) (between 80 dB and

111 dB) in the production environment when this mix was mastered.

Room Type: Specifies information about the mixing studio.


Chapter 12

Creating Dolby Digital Professional Output Files