Compressor 4 - About the Source Media Files

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About the Source Media Files

There are a few guidelines to be aware of when encoding Dolby Digital Professional
output files from your source media files.

Depending on the format, a file can contain a single channel (mono), dual channels
(stereo), or multiple channels. Compressor supports Dolby Digital Professional in all these

Sound files intended for Dolby Digital Professional encoding must conform to the following

• All source files should be the same length. (If they are not, Compressor sets the length

of the AC-3 stream to match the length of the longest file.)

• All files must have a 48 kHz sample rate (as required for DVD).


Chapter 12

Creating Dolby Digital Professional Output Files

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• AC-3 streams must have a multiple of 1536 samples. If the selected input files do not,

Compressor adds digital silence to the end of the files.

Note: Compressor can support any kind of source files that contain surround sound and
high resolution audio up to 64 bits per sample (floating point) and sample rates up to
192 kHz.