Compressor 4 - H.264 Workflows for Apple Devices

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H.264 Workflows for Apple Devices

The efficiency and quality of H.264 creates a number of options for iPhone, iPad, iPod,
and Apple TV video producers. When choosing a Device option, you can choose to create
a file that plays on a wide variety of devices or to create a file targeted to a specific device,
such as an iPhone 4.

• Options that are compatible with all devices do not produce optimal results when

played on higher resolution devices, such as an Apple TV. However, these options
produce smaller files, which can be an advantage.

• Options that are targeted at higher resolution devices produce great results on those

devices; however, they result in larger files.


Chapter 13

Creating H.264 for Apple Devices Output Files

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You need to choose options that take into account the devices on which you want to
play the video, the video content, and how you intend to deliver the file.

Additionally, you can assign a clip’s poster frame using the Preview window. See


the Poster Frame

for more information. You can change the poster frame in iTunes if

necessary. See iTunes help for more information.