Compressor 4 - About the MPEG-1 Encoder Pane

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About the MPEG-1 Encoder Pane

This section contains detailed information about the various tabs within the MPEG-1
Encoder pane of the Inspector window. You make your MPEG-1 settings using these tabs,
by either modifying an existing setting or creating a new setting in the Settings tab.

The MPEG-1 Encoder pane opens with the default Video tab on top and contains the
following items.

Extension: This field displays the MPEG-1 file extension (.mpg) automatically after the

MPEG-1 output format is chosen from the File Format pop-up menu or the (+) pop-up
menu in the Settings tab. The extension changes to the video-only extension (.m1v) if
the Audio tab is disabled or the audio-only extension (.m1a) if the Video tab is disabled.

Allow Job Segmenting: This checkbox allows you to turn off job segmenting. It is relevant

only if you are using Compressor with distributed processing and with multi-pass
encoding. For more information, see

Job Segmenting and Two-Pass or Multi-Pass




Chapter 17

Creating MPEG-1 Output Files

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Video and Audio tabs: These buttons open the Video and Audio tabs described next.