Compressor 4 - Stage 1: Choosing Video Settings

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Stage 1: Choosing Video Settings

Stage 2: Choosing Audio Settings

Stage 1:

Choosing Video Settings

This section describes creating MPEG-1 video settings for web use.

To open the MPEG-1 Encoder pane and choose video settings


Open the Settings tab, then choose MPEG-1 from the “Create a New Setting” (+) pop-up

The MPEG-1 Encoder pane opens in the Inspector with the default Video tab displayed.


Chapter 17

Creating MPEG-1 Output Files

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Name the new setting “MPEG-1 for Web.”

Click the Automatic
button or choose
a frame rate.

Select Web to set the
resolution to 320 x 240.

Choose the bit rate.

Select to enable
the Video tab.


Select the Enabled checkbox.


Click the Automatic button next to the Frame Rate pop-up menu.

You can also choose 23.976, 29.97, or 25 from the Frame Rate pop-up menu if you know
the frame rate of the source video.


Select the Web button.

This sets the resolution of the output to 320 x 240.


Choose the bit rate to use from the Bit Rate slider, or enter a value directly.

Stage 2: