Compressor 4 - Stage 3: Configuring the Audio Settings

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Configuring the Audio Settings

Use the following settings to create an MPEG-1 audio file for DVD.

To open the Audio tab and configure the Audio settings for DVD


Click the Audio button in the MPEG-1 Encoder pane to open the Audio tab.


Select the Enabled checkbox.

Choose the 48 kHz
sample rate.

Choose the bit rate.

Select to enable
the Audio tab.

Select either Stereo
or Mono.


Choose 48 kHz from the Sample Rate pop-up menu.


Select Stereo when using two-channel audio sources or Mono when using one-channel
audio sources.


Choose the bit rate to use from the Bit Rate pop-up menu.


Chapter 17

Creating MPEG-1 Output Files

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The typical values used for DVD projects are 192 kbps and 224 kbps.


Click the Save button (in the lower-right corner of the Inspector) to save this setting.

This saves the “MPEG-1 Audio for DVD” preset.