Compressor 4 - Extras Tab

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Extras Tab

You use the Extras tab to control the inclusion or exclusion of specific MPEG-2 authoring
information. The Extras tab contains the following controls.

Add DVD Studio Pro metadata: Selecting this checkbox allows Compressor to parse

specific MPEG-2 authoring information during the transcoding process to accelerate
the import process into DVD Studio Pro. However, these MPEG-2 files will be
incompatible with versions of DVD Studio Pro 1.5 or earlier. Leaving the checkbox
unselected means the information will be parsed later in DVD Studio Pro.

Note: MPEG-2 streams with additional DVD Studio Pro metadata are only compatible
with DVD Studio Pro 2 (or later) versions. MPEG-2 streams with this checkbox selected
will not be compatible with versions prior to DVD Studio Pro 2 or with other DVD
authoring tools. All Apple settings have this box checked by default. To make your
MPEG-2 files compatible with other DVD authoring tools, deselect this checkbox, and
then save the setting.

Include Chapter Markers only: Selecting this checkbox excludes unnamed compression

markers from the stream but still retains the chapter markers. Leaving the checkbox
unselected allows all markers to be recognized in the output media file. See


Compression or Podcast Markers to a Clip

for more information about chapter markers.

YUV 4:2:2 Color encoding (Not for DVD use): Select this checkbox to enable 4:2:2 color

encoding. This option is supported in the creation of MPEG-2 elementary, program,
and transport streams, but it is only available when the Stream Usage pop-up menu is
set to Generic.

Multiplexed MPEG-1/Layer 2 Audio: Use this checkbox to create a multiplexed stream

(rather than an elementary stream). You can make the output file either a transport
stream or a program stream. See

About Elementary, Transport, and Program Streams

for information on the differences between the different stream types.

The audio in this stream is MPEG-1 Layer 2, with a sample rate of 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz
(depending on the source) and a bit rate of 384 kbps. To create an audio-only
(MPEG-1/Layer 2 Audio) elementary stream, see

Creating the MPEG-1 Audio for DVD




Chapter 18

Creating MPEG-2 Output Files

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Generic is the only Stream Usage setting that supports transport and

program streams. Selecting the Multiplexed MPEG-1/Layer 2 Audio checkbox sets your
stream usage to Generic if it is currently anything else.