Compressor 4 - Stage 4: Choosing Extras Settings

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Choosing Extras Settings

You can control the inclusion or exclusion of specific MPEG-2 authoring information in
the Extras tab.

To open the Extras tab and choose Extras settings


Click the Extras button in the MPEG-2 Encoder pane to open the Extras tab.


Select the “Add DVD Studio Pro metadata” checkbox if you want Compressor to parse
specific MPEG-2 authoring information rather than parse the information later in
DVD Studio Pro.


Selecting this checkbox may make your MPEG-2 files incompatible with any

DVD authoring tools other than DVD Studio Pro 2 (or later).


Select the “Include chapter markers only” checkbox if you want to exclude automatic
compression markers from the stream but still retain the chapter markers.


Select the Multiplexed MPEG-1/layer 2 Audio checkbox only if you need to create transport
or program streams. See

About Elementary, Transport, and Program Streams

for more



Extras Tab

for more information about settings in the Extras tab.


Chapter 18

Creating MPEG-2 Output Files