Compressor 4 - MPEG-4 Encoder Pane General Settings

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MPEG-4 Encoder Pane General Settings

The MPEG-4 Part 2 pane contains the following items:

File Extension field: Displays the MPEG-4 Part 2 file extension (.mp4) as soon as the

MPEG-4 output format is selected from the File Format pop-up menu or the (+) pop-up
menu in the Settings tab.


Chapter 19

Creating MPEG-4 Output Files

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Allow Job Segmenting: This checkbox allows you to turn off job segmenting. It is relevant

only if you are using Compressor with distributed processing and with multi-pass
encoding. Since the MPEG-4 Part 2 format uses single-pass VBR, you can leave this
checkbox selected in all cases for added speed gains with distributed processing. For
more information, see

Job Segmenting and Two-Pass or Multi-Pass Encoding


Video, Audio, and Streaming buttons: These buttons open the Video, Audio, and

Streaming panes, described next.

Enhanced Podcast (m4a file): Select this checkbox to ensure that podcasting annotations

and metadata are written to the output media file. This is available for audio files only.
To make this option available, deselect the Video Enabled checkbox at the top of the
Video pane.

Fit marker images within: Use this to specify the width and height of the podcast marker

images when creating an audio podcast. You can also click the Automatic button to
have Compressor enter the values. This option is only available when the Video Enabled
checkbox at the top of the Video pane is deselected. See

Stage 5: Creating and

Configuring Markers for the Output Media File

for more information.