Compressor 4 - Video Pane

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Video Pane

The Video pane allows you to make settings for the quality (ISMA profile), frames per
second (fps) rate, key frame interval, and bit rate of your MPEG-4 Part 2 output file.

Either enter a number in
the Bit Rate field or use
the slider to set the bit

The pane contains the following controls.

Video Enabled checkbox: Make sure that this checkbox is selected if you want the MPEG-4

Part 2 output format video settings to be applied.

Video compression: Choose the MPEG-4 compression format to use.

MPEG-4 basic: Ensures playback on all MPEG-4 Part 2 devices.

MPEG-4 improved: Gives better output quality, but this setting is not compatible with

older MPEG-4 Part 2 devices.

H.264 main profile: Similar to the H.264 baseline profile but with support for

standard-definition video requirements.

H.264 baseline profile: Primarily for videoconferencing and mobile applications.


Chapter 19

Creating MPEG-4 Output Files

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Frame Rate (fps) pop-up menu and field: Choose or enter a number to set the overall

frame rate of your output media file, or click the Automatic button to have Compressor
choose the frame rate.

Key Frame Interval field: Enter a value to designate how often (number of frames) you

want key frames created in your output media file, or click the Automatic button to
have Compressor choose the key frame interval rate (the displayed value is 0 with
Automatic on; the actual value is determined during the encoding process).

Multi-pass: Select this for higher-quality results but at the expense of longer encoding

times. This is only available when you choose an H.264 option from the “Video
compression” pop-up menu.

Bit Rate slider and field: Move the slider to set the overall video bit rate for your output

media file, or enter a specific number in the accompanying field.