Compressor 4 - Stage 4: Entering Annotations for the Output Media File

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Entering Annotations for the Output Media File

You have the option of adding annotations (such as producer credits, keywords, and
copyright information).

To open the Additional Information tab and enter annotations


Click a non-target area of the job created by the source media file.

The Inspector window shows the A/V Attributes, Additional Information, and Job Action


Click the Additional Information tab.


The Additional Information tab is where you can add annotations, such as a title and
artist, to the output media file.

Choose items from this
pop-up menu to include
them as annotations in
the output media file.


Choose an item from the Add Annotation pop-up menu to add it to the output media


Chapter 19

Creating MPEG-4 Output Files

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The item appears in the Annotation column.


Double-click the item’s Value column to type in the text annotation.


Repeat this for each annotation item you want to add to the output media file.


Using the Inspector with Source Media Files

for more information.

While you have the job selected, you can optionally use the Job Action tab to have the
output media file automatically added to a playlist in the iTunes library. For more
information, see

Adding Actions


About Job Actions


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