Compressor 4 - Stage 2: Customizing MPEG-4 Audio Settings

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Customizing MPEG-4 Audio Settings

You adjust the MPEG-4 audio settings in the Audio pane.

To open the Audio pane and adjust the MPEG-4 audio settings


Click the Audio button to open the Audio pane.

Sample Rate pop-up

Bit Rate slider


Adjust the MPEG-4 audio settings using the available controls.

Note: Make sure that the Audio Enabled checkbox is selected.


Audio Pane

for details about MPEG-4 Part 2 audio settings.


Chapter 19

Creating MPEG-4 Output Files

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If you don’t want to edit any other attributes, your MPEG-4 setting can be assigned to
any source media file in the usual way. See

Preparing Compressor for Transcoding with

Custom Settings

for more information. Otherwise, go to the next stage to edit streaming


Stage 3: