Compressor 4 - Using the Inspector with Settings

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Using the Inspector with Settings

The Inspector window contains the panes that let you create and modify all the settings
related to your output media file, such as filters, geometry, and output format. The
Inspector window is also where you name your settings, as well as add descriptions to
make it easier to remember later what you customized.

Summary pane: Provides a detailed summary of a selected setting. See

Summary Pane

for more information about this pane.


Chapter 7

Creating, Previewing, and Modifying Settings

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Encoder pane: Allows you to select an output file format and other related video and

audio settings. See the following specific sections for more information about the
different encoder panes.

About the AIFF Encoder Pane

Creating Common Audio Format Files

About the DV Stream Encoder Pane

About the Dolby Digital Professional Encoder Pane

About the H.264 for Apple Devices Encoder Pane

Creating H.264 for Blu-ray Disc

About the Image Sequence Encoder Pane

Creating MP3 Output Files

About the MPEG-1 Encoder Pane

About the MPEG-2 Encoder Pane

About the MPEG-4 Part 2 Encoder Pane

About the QuickTime Export Components Encoder Pane

About the QuickTime Movie Encoder Pane

Frame Controls pane: Allows you to customize changes to the frame size, frame rate,

or field dominance. (See

Working with Frame Controls

for more information.)

Filters pane: Allows you to add filters to your setting to enhance the quality of the

output files. (See

About the Filters Pane

for more information.)

Geometry pane: Allows you to crop and set the frame size for your output media file.


Adding Geometry Settings

for more information.)

Actions pane: Allows you to send email notifications and assign a default destination

to the setting. (See

Adding Actions

for more information.)