Compressor 4 - About the Sound Settings Dialog

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About the Sound Settings Dialog

You use the Sound Settings dialog to change your audio compression settings for either
the QuickTime or AIFF output format. To open this dialog, click the Audio Settings button
in the QuickTime Movie or AIFF Encoder pane.

If a particular audio setting cannot be changed, it remains dimmed. Most audio codecs
allow you to make additional settings. If this is the case, various buttons and controls
become available. Click them to make additional settings.

Format pop-up menu

Rate field and pop-up

Show Advanced Settings

The Sound Settings dialog contains the following items, with various choices for each,
depending on the audio codec you choose in the Format pop-up menu.

Format: Choose the audio codec you want to add to your setting.

Channels: Choose the type of channel output, such as mono, stereo, or some type of

multichannel output, depending on the codec.

Rate: Choose the sample rate you want to use for your media file. The higher the sample

rate, the higher the audio quality, but the larger the file. Downloading a larger file takes
longer and requires more bandwidth.


Chapter 21

Creating QuickTime Movie Output Files

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Show Advanced Settings: This checkbox remains dimmed unless the codec you selected

from the Format pop-up menu offers options. It is recommended that you contact the
manufacturers of these codecs directly for more information about the additional
options they offer.