Compressor 4 - Sound Sample Size

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Sound Sample Size

The sound sample size determines the dynamic range of the sound. 8-bit sound provides
for 256 possible values, whereas 16-bit sound allows for more than 65,000 possible values.

Choose 16-bit sound for music that has both soft and loud sections, such as orchestral
music. For spoken voice or music that has a more or less constant volume level, choosing
8-bit sound can still yield good results.

If you need to shrink your media file, you can reduce the sample size from 16 bits to 8 bits.
This cuts the file size in half but also degrades the audio quality.


Chapter 21

Creating QuickTime Movie Output Files

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Compressor comes with a variety of filters (such as color correction and noise removal
filters) that you can use to adjust the details of your transcoding projects.

This chapter covers the following:

Working with Filters

(p. 247)

About the Filters Pane

(p. 249)

Video Filters Tab

(p. 250)

Audio Filters Tab

(p. 257)

Color Tab

(p. 259)

Adding Filters to a Setting

(p. 260)

Working with Filters

You can treat your source media file with a variety of filters before you transcode it to
help improve the output quality of your video and audio. The best way to assign these
filter settings is to look at, and listen to, your source media file and choose the most
suitable one based on its content.