Compressor 4 - Submitting a Batch

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Submitting a Batch

Once you have configured the jobs and their targets within a batch, you are ready to
submit the batch for processing.

To submit a batch


Make sure the batch to be submitted is selected in the Batch window.


Do one of the following:

• Choose File > Submit.

• Click the Batch window’s Submit button.


Chapter 8

Finalizing Jobs and Submitting Batches

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The submit dialog appears.


Check the Name field to confirm the batch name.

You can change this name to something more meaningful about this batch. This is the
name that is used for this submission in both Share Monitor and the History window.


Use the Cluster pop-up menu to do one of the following: Use the Cluster pop-up menu
to choose which computer or cluster will process the batch.

Choose This Computer: Compressor will not involve any other computers in completing

the batch unless you select This Computer Plus, which creates an ad hoc cluster
including This Computer and any available service nodes.


About This Computer Plus and Unmanaged Services

for more information.

Choose a cluster: Compressor submits the batch to the cluster for processing (This

Computer Plus is not available).

You may need to authenticate yourself depending on the choice you make. See

Apple Qmaster and Distributed Processing

for more details.


Use the Priority pop-up menu to choose priority level for the batch.


Click Submit or press Enter to submit the batch for processing.

The History window shows the batch progress. See

About the History Window

for more


Note: The History window automatically opens if it is not already open.

You can also monitor the transcoding progress with Share Monitor by clicking its icon in
the Batch window. For more information on Share Monitor, see the Share Monitor
User Manual
, available from the Share Monitor Help menu.

You can set Compressor preferences to automatically open Share Monitor. See


Compressor Preferences

for more details.


Chapter 8

Finalizing Jobs and Submitting Batches

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Note: When submitting larger batches (for example, nine source media files with three
settings assigned to each), there is about a 10-second delay after submitting the batch
when nothing happens. Be patient. Compressor is preparing the large batch before it
can be properly submitted for processing. If you are transcoding a large batch, you should
turn off the screen saver application on your computer. This will improve the speed of
your transcode because resources are not being diverted to the screen saver.

Once the batch has been submitted, a yellow triangle with an exclamation point appears
in the batch.

Click the warning
symbol to see an
explanation about
why it is there.

These warning symbols are used by Compressor whenever an issue exists with a batch.
You can place the pointer over the symbol to see a tooltip defining why it is there, or you
can click the symbol to open a dialog about it.

In the above case, since the batch has been submitted, this warning is to let you know
that a file with that name now exists at that destination, and that if you submit again,
that file will be overwritten.

You can bypass the submit dialog when submitting a batch. The submitted batch
automatically uses the settings from the previously submitted batch.

To submit a batch using previous settings
Do one of the following:


Choose File > Submit with Previous Settings.


Click the “Submit with Previous Settings” item in the Batch window toolbar (if present).


About the Batch Window

for more information about using the Batch window.


Chapter 8

Finalizing Jobs and Submitting Batches