Compressor 4 - About This Computer Plus and Unmanaged Services

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About This Computer Plus and Unmanaged Services

Compressor includes a This Computer Plus feature that makes it easy to take advantage
of the distributed processing capabilities offered by Apple Qmaster, without requiring a
lot of knowledge about how clusters are configured, setting up file sharing, and so on.

Using This Computer Plus is a two-step process:

• Installing Compressor, configured to provide distributed processing services, on each

computer to be included in the This Computer Plus cluster.

• Selecting the This Computer Plus checkbox when you submit a Compressor batch for


Note: You may need to authenticate yourself. See

Apple Qmaster and Distributed


for more details.

These two steps let you harness the processing power of any number of computers on
your network without any additional effort or knowledge on your part.

For additional information, see

Getting Started Quickly Using This Computer Plus



Chapter 8

Finalizing Jobs and Submitting Batches

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You can use Compressor to output audio in the AIFF format.

This chapter covers the following:

Creating AIFF Output Files

(p. 131)

About the AIFF Encoder Pane

(p. 132)

About the Sound Settings Dialog

(p. 132)

QuickTime Audio Sample Sizes and Rates

(p. 133)

Choosing an Audio Codec for Distribution

(p. 134)

Configuring AIFF Settings

(p. 134)

Creating AIFF Output Files

The AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) file format was developed by Apple for storing
high-quality audio. The format was intended for DVD or CD authoring and is now one of
the most commonly used audio file formats for the Mac OS.

Note: Choose the AIFF option from the File Format pop-up menu only if you need to
create a specialized AIFF file. If you are creating a standard AIFF file, choose the Common
Audio Formats option.