Compressor 4 - Stage 4: Using Post-Transcoding Actions

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Using Post-Transcoding Actions

Almost every batch template includes an automatic post-transcoding action. When
Compressor has completed transcoding one of these batch template jobs to an output
media file, it will execute a corresponding automatic action, such as uploading the file
to a YouTube account, running an Automator workflow, or burning a DVD.

For more information about job actions such as these, see

Job Action Tab





The following list indicates the default post-transcoding job action for each Compressor
batch template.

Create Audio Podcast: Add to iTunes Library.

Create Blu-ray disc: Create Blu-ray disc.

Create DVD: Create DVD.

HTTP Live Streaming: Prepare for HTTP Live Streaming.

Publish to Apple TV: Add to iTunes Library.

Publish to YouTube: Publish to YouTube.

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