Compressor 4 - About Surround Sound Jobs

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About Surround Sound Jobs

Once you have created a surround sound job, the Batch window shows the surround
sound icon in the source media file thumbnail (unless a video file was added to the job)
and the Inspector window shows the channels and their assigned files.

Click a channel’s icon to
change the file assigned
to that channel.

You can change any of the file assignments in the Inspector window.

To change a surround sound file assignment


Click the speaker icon of the channel you want to change.

A file selection dialog opens.


Chapter 6

Importing Source Media Files

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Locate the file to assign to that channel and click Open.


Optionally, you can either click Add Video to add a video file to the job, or delete the
video file already assigned and then click Add Video to choose a different video file.


Creating Dolby Digital Professional Output Files

for information on creating Dolby

Digital Professional output files.