Compressor 4 - Working with Droplets

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Working with Droplets

Droplets provide a fast and convenient way to transcode material without even opening
Compressor. You create a Droplet by saving a setting or a group of settings and
destinations as an active icon. When you drag one or more source media files to it, the
Droplet begins the transcoding process automatically.


Creating a Droplet from the Settings Tab

for more information.


Chapter 3

The Basic Transcoding Workflow

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The Compressor interface consists of a number of core windows in which you do most
of your transcoding preparation work.

This chapter covers the following:

Compressor Windows and the Transcoding Workflow

(p. 42)

Creating and Managing Compressor Layouts

(p. 43)

Working with the Compressor Windows

(p. 46)

Batch Window

(p. 49)

Settings Tab

(p. 52)

Destinations Tab

(p. 53)

Inspector Window

(p. 53)

History Window

(p. 62)

Preview Window

(p. 63)

Apple Qmaster Sharing Window

(p. 65)

Share Monitor

(p. 66)

Droplet Windows

(p. 67)

About Changing Values and Timecode Entries

(p. 67)

Keyboard Shortcuts

(p. 69)