Compressor 4 - Using Timecode Value Sliders

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Using Timecode Value Sliders

Compressor uses timecode value sliders for all timecode entry fields. In addition to being
able to enter timecode values directly, you can “scrub” the timecode value by dragging.

If you place the pointer over a segment of the timecode, small arrows appear above and
below that segment.

You can drag up or to the right to increase the value in that segment (values in segments
to the left will also increment if your dragging causes the selected segment to roll over).
Dragging to the left or down decreases the value. You can hold down the Option key to
make the value changes slower, or the Shift key to make them faster.

Alternatively, you can click the up and down arrows on each side of the timecode value
or press the keyboard’s Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease the
timecode value.

You can control which segment is affected by the up and down arrows by selecting a
segment so that a caret appears below the segment. You can also use the keyboard’s
Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys to select other segments.