Compressor 4 - About the Toolbar Items

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About the Toolbar Items

Most of the items you can add to the toolbar can be added only once. There are a few
that can be added multiple times, such as the separator, the space, and the flexible space.

New Batch: Creates a new untitled batch.

Open Batch: Opens a dialog for you to locate and select a saved batch to open.

Close: Closes the currently selected batch.

Note: You cannot close a batch if it is the only one open.

Add File: Opens a dialog for you to locate and select one or more source media files to

import into the current batch.

Add Surround Sound: Opens the audio file assignment dialog that you can use to

manually assign files to each audio channel in a surround sound configuration.

Add Image Sequence: Opens a dialog for you to locate and select the folder containing

the source media image sequence files.

Submit with Previous Settings: Submits the batch by using the settings used by previous

batch submissions, bypassing the submission dialog.

History: Opens the History window.

Inspector: Opens the Inspector window.

Settings: Opens the Settings tab.

Destinations: Opens the Destinations tab.


Chapter 4

The Compressor Interface

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Preview: Opens the Preview window.

Share Monitor: Opens the Share Monitor application.

Create Droplet: Opens a settings selection dialog for you to select the settings for this


Separator: Adds a vertical line to the toolbar, allowing you to group items together.

Space: Adds a fixed-width space to the toolbar.

Flexible Space: Adds a flexible-width space to the toolbar. The space makes it possible

to force items to the left and right edges of the toolbar, with it expanding to fill any
unused area.

Customize: Opens the toolbar customization palette.