Compressor 4 - Choosing, Saving, and Managing Layouts

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Choosing, Saving, and Managing Layouts

Compressor makes it easy to choose a layout.

To choose a layout


Choose Window > Layouts, and choose a layout from the list that appears.

Once you choose a layout, the Compressor interface changes to match it.

You can also create and save your own custom layouts.

To save a layout


Configure the Compressor interface the way you want it to be saved.


Working with the Compressor Windows

for information on the ways you can work

with the various windows.


Choose Window > Save Layout.


In the dialog that appears, enter a name for the layout and click Save.

The layout is saved and appears in the Window > Layouts list.

You can manage the layouts list by removing or renaming existing layouts.

To manage your layouts


Choose Window > Manage Layouts.


Chapter 4

The Compressor Interface

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The layout manager dialog appears.


Do any of the following:

To rename a layout: Double-click it and type the new name.

To remove a layout: Select it and click the Delete (–) button.

To save the current interface configuration as a new layout: Click the Add (+) button and

enter a name for the layout.

To choose a layout and apply it to the current Compressor interface: Choose the layout

and click the Apply button.


Click Done when you have finished managing your layouts.

The layout manager closes and the Compressor interface changes to match the chosen
layout setting.

Note: The layouts list is actually divided into two sections—the ones supplied by Apple
and the ones that you create. You cannot rename or delete the Apple-supplied layouts.
The ones that you create are listed in alphabetical order. Use care when naming your
layouts to ensure you can easily locate them in the list.