Compressor 4 - About the Automatic Settings

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About the Automatic Settings

Several items in the settings panes have an optional automatic mode. When the automatic
mode is enabled, Compressor determines the optimal value for the setting.

The Automatic button is
dark when active, and its
item is dimmed.

The Automatic button is
dimmed when inactive,
and its item is selectable.

In general, when the automatic mode is active, its item is dimmed and cannot be changed.

If the setting has not been assigned to a source media file: The item says “Automatic.” An

exception is in the Frame Controls pane of the Inspector window, whose state is
undetermined until you have applied the setting to a source media file.

If the setting has been assigned to a source media file: The item remains dimmed but

shows the value that will be used.

When the automatic mode is inactive, its button is dimmed and you can choose values
for an item as usual.

You can turn the Automatic button on or off to change from on (the button darkens) to
off (the button lightens).

Tip: It is a good idea to verify the values in the Inspectors for those settings that are set
to automatic. Compressor can usually correctly determine the appropriate values; however,
there may be instances where there is not enough information in the source media file
to determine the correct value. For example, some QuickTime clips might not have proper
metadata or the metadata might be incorrect. Additionally, if the source media file uses
nonstandard settings (such as the video frame size or frame rate), Compressor chooses
the nearest standard value to use.


Chapter 4

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