Compressor 4 - Encoder Pane

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Encoder Pane

You use the Encoder pane to select and configure the output file format and other settings.
The file format options and attributes are different for each format.

File Format: Use this pop-up menu to choose an output file format. See

Choosing an

Output Format

for more information on the available output formats.


Chapter 4

The Compressor Interface

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File Extension field: The following file extensions automatically appear in this field based

on the format you choose from the File Format pop-up menu, and if video and audio
tracks are enabled. Don’t alter this field without good reason, because your file may
not be recognized if you do.

aiff: Represents AIFF.

ac3: Represents Dolby Digital Professional.

caf: Represents Apple CAF files.

dv: Represents Digital Video (DV) format video.

mpg: Represents MPEG-1 multiplexed (video and audio) stream.

m1v: Represents MPEG-1 video elementary stream.

m1a: Represents MPEG-1 audio elementary stream.

m2v: Represents MPEG-2 video elementary stream.

m2t: Represents MPEG-2 transport stream.

mpeg: Represents MPEG-2 program stream.

m4v: Represents H.264 for Apple Devices.

mp4: Represents MPEG-4.

mov: Represents QuickTime.

tga: Represents TARGA.

tiff: Represents TIFF.

Allow Job Segmenting: This checkbox allows you to turn off job segmenting. It is relevant

only if you are using Compressor with distributed processing and with two–pass or
multi-pass encoding. For more information, see

Job Segmenting and Two-Pass or

Multi-Pass Encoding



Chapter 4

The Compressor Interface