Compressor 4 - Geometry Pane

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Geometry Pane

You use the options in the Geometry pane to crop and size the media file being
compressed and set its aspect ratio.

The Geometry pane has three sections:

Source inset (Cropping): Use any of the four fields to enter the number of pixels by which

you want to reduce the source media file size, or choose a setting from the “Crop to”
pop-up menu to have Compressor enter crop values based on the source media file
video content.

Dimensions (encoded pixels): Use the Frame Size pop-up menu or these fields to create

an appropriate output frame size and aspect ratio for your output media file. Use the
Pixel Aspect pop-up menu to set width and height values to conform to a designated
pixel aspect ratio.

Output image inset (Padding): Use the Padding pop-up menu to calculate the output

height or width values. With Custom selected, you can enter values in the fields.

For more information about the Geometry pane, see

Adding Geometry Settings



Chapter 4

The Compressor Interface