Compressor 4 - Why Are Some Windows Covered Up?

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Why Are Some Windows Covered Up?

Because the Compressor interface is made up of individual windows, you may find that
when you switch from Compressor to another application and then switch back to
Compressor by clicking one of its windows, only that window appears, with the others
remaining covered by other windows you might have open.

To bring all Compressor windows to the front
Do one of the following:


When switching between applications, take advantage of the built-in application switching
feature of Mac OS X. Press Command-Tab to have an application selection dialog appear.
As you hold down the Command key, you can press the Tab key to cycle through the
currently running applications, releasing the Command key once the Compressor icon is
selected. This ensures that all the Compressor windows are visible.


Choose Window > Bring All to Front.


Click the Compressor application icon in the Dock.

Note: The Compressor toolbar, located along the top of the Batch window, makes it easy
to navigate to the main Compressor windows and to Share Monitor.