Compressor 4 - Droplets and Large Numbers of Source Media Files

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Droplets and Large Numbers of Source Media Files

If you submit a large number of source media files (such as 200 or more) using a Droplet,
there may be a delay of about 1 minute between the “Getting ready for processing” alert
message and the dialog reporting that the job is being submitted. You can avoid this
reporting delay by reducing the number of source files you submit at one time with a


Chapter 28

Using Droplets

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Transcoding or processing a series of large files on one desktop computer is processor
intensive and time-consuming. You can increase speed and productivity by distributing
processing across multiple computers.

This chapter covers the following:

Distributed Processing Basics

(p. 345)

Basic Components of the Apple Qmaster Distributed Processing System

(p. 347)

Getting Started Quickly Using This Computer Plus

(p. 354)

Getting Started Quickly Using QuickClusters

(p. 356)

The Interfaces in the Apple Qmaster Distributed Processing System

(p. 359)

Apple Qmaster Sharing Window of Compressor

(p. 366)

General Information About Clusters

(p. 370)

Creating Clusters with Apple Qadministrator

(p. 381)

Setting Up for Part-Time Distributed Processing with Shake

(p. 384)

Distributed Processing Basics

Distributed processing accelerates processing by distributing the work to multiple
computers that have been chosen to provide more processing power. You can submit
batches of processing jobs to the Apple Qmaster distributed processing system, which
allocates those jobs to other computers in the most efficient way (described in more
detail in

How the Apple Qmaster System Distributes Batches