Compressor 4 - Transport Controls

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Transport Controls

These move the playhead backward or forward to the exact position of the next marker
or In and Out point, making it easy to navigate quickly between existing markers. You
can also use these buttons to quickly move the playhead to the start or end of the clip.

Move to previous marker


Fast Backward

Move to next marker

Fast Forward

Playback Loop button

Play/Pause button: Starts or stops playback of the clip. If you stop playback, the playhead

remains at its current position. To return to the start of the clip, you need to drag the
playhead back to the beginning or click the “move to previous marker” control.

Move to previous marker and Move to next marker buttons: Moves the playhead to the

previous or next marker, the In or Out points, or to the start or end of the clip if no
more markers are present.

Fast Backward and Fast Forward buttons: Allow you to play your clip in either direction

at twice the normal speed. If clicked while playing, clicking one of these buttons a
second time returns playback to normal speed.

Playback Loop button: Click to play the media in a continuous loop.