Compressor 4 - About the Compressor Documentation

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About the Compressor Documentation

Compressor comes with various documents that will help you get started as well as
provide detailed information about the application. (To access onscreen help for
Compressor, open Compressor and choose Help > Compressor Help.)

Compressor User Manual: This comprehensive document describes the Compressor

interface, commands, and menus and gives step-by-step instructions for using
Compressor and accomplishing specific tasks. It also contains information for configuring
an Apple Qmaster distributed processing system for more efficient transcoding and
rendering. It is written for users of all levels of experience.

Apple Qadministrator User Manual: This document explains how to manually set up

and manage clusters for use in an Apple Qmaster distributed processing system.

Apple Qmaster User Manual: This document explains how to use Apple Qmaster as a

client for submitting rendering jobs from Shake, Maya, and other applications, to a
distributed processing system.

Share Monitor User Manual: This brief document describes how to use Share Monitor

to monitor the transcoding progress of batches and jobs.