Compressor 4 - About the Cadence

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About the Cadence

When film is telecined to NTSC video, it has a constant cadence. This means that the 3:2
pattern is consistent and uninterrupted. It is relatively easy to remove the telecine from
a constant cadence clip since you only have to determine the pattern once.

If you take these telecined clips and edit them as NTSC video, the result will be a final
video file that has a broken cadence with an inconsistent 3:2 pattern. It is much more
difficult to remove the telecine from this clip since you have to constantly verify the
cadence to make sure you don’t inadvertently choose incorrect fields when creating the
23.98 fps video.

The Reverse Telecine feature included with Compressor automatically detects broken
cadences and adjusts its processing as needed.