Compressor 4 - Creating PAL Video During the Reverse Telecine Process

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Creating PAL Video During the Reverse Telecine Process

It is a common practice to convert 23.98 fps or 24 fps video to PAL’s 25 fps rate by speeding
up the playback by 4 percent. If you are starting with NTSC 29.97 fps video from a telecine,
you can convert it to PAL video using two jobs.

First job: Apply a setting to the job that performs the reverse telecine process and

results in an NTSC frame size at 23.98 fps.

Note: You could apply a setting that also converts the video to PAL; however, the
format conversion will not be done using Frame Controls and may not be of suitable

Second job: Create the second job by having the first job selected and choosing Job >

New Job With Target Output. This creates a job that is chained to the output of the
first job. You can now apply a setting that sets the output format to PAL and use the
Frame Controls feature to ensure a high-quality output file.


About Adding and Copying Jobs

for more information about chaining jobs.